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We take driving seriously so we invested our own money to bring about what we knew will be a truly safer way to interact with the car and the electronic gadgets, and will not be another a gimmicky electronic toy that will add to the problem because of improper understanding of the problem.   I first encountered driving distraction by technology in 1989.  Unfortunately, I accepted that as a matter of fact and went about getting distracted through 1993 until I had enough.  I stopped playing the helpless and went back to 1985 and revived a school project and started the refinement until I had something that works


The solution will be available in early 2013.  Purchase of an aftermarket solution is available by visiting our Marketing and Sales sister company on

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Best regards, Mouhamad A. Naboulsi, Inventor - Metro Detroit, Michigan USA.

Project Management:

  1. Mr. Mouhamad A. Naboulsi, Founder, Chairman and CEO.  More than 30 years in Automotive and Engineering in the U.S., Europe, and SE Asia.  BS in ECE from WSU, Working member SAE Human Factor Committee, SAE Driver Distraction Task Force

  2. Mr. Ihor Debryn, COO. Extensive Project Management experience project driven organizations ranging from multinational clients within the utility, automotive, and information system & technology industries, to growing organizations, independent practitioners and entrepreneurs within the construction, utility, systems development, health care, and manufacturing industries. Utilized several different lifecycle methodologies in the successful delivery of solutions.

  3. Eng. Maher Abuthraa, Mobile Devices Software Architecture and development, European Office.  Engineering professional with accelerated responsibility track that included work in multinational projects.

  4. Mo Hout - Accounting and Financial Forecasting (Part Time) Mo graduated from the University of Michigan-Dearborn with a MS in Accounting .  He has a variety of accounting experience giving him a solid grasp of conceptual and practical accounting practices.  His experience includes bookkeeping, budgeting, analytical work, international tax and sales tax.  His experience comes from small, mid and large companies.

  5. (Identified): Channels Marketing & Sales, An executive in sales to fortune 500 account for a major IT and Telecom company.  Already identified-pending finalizing agreement.

  6. (Identified): PR & legislative Liaison.  Automotive Executive with product Launch experience and deep understanding with automotive regulatory requirement and excellent interpersonal skills.  Already identified-pending finalizing agreement
  7. (Identified): BSC In-house & Internet Sales Coordinator Customer Service manager.

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