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Connectivity with 
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Hands on the Wheel


We take driving seriously so we invested our own money to bring about what we knew will be a truly safer way to interact with the car and the electronic gadgets, and will not be another a gimmicky electronic toy that will add to the problem because of improper understanding of the problem.   I first encountered driving distraction by technology in 1989.  Unfortunately, I accepted that as a matter of fact and went about getting distracted through 1993 until I had enough.  I stopped playing the helpless and went back to 1985 and revived a school project and started the refinement until I had something that works


We are working on our mass production design that will be available early 2013.  Purchase of an aftermarket solution is available by contacting info at iQ-AutoLife dot com or by visiting



Is the system Hand Free?

A-Yes, but that’s only a part of the system and not just Hands Free. The system comes under "Active Safety Systems".  Unlike ear pieces and Hand Free speakers, the system monitors real time conditions to determine if it is safe to receive a call and help the driver make their calls with ease.  No errors, No frustration, just good, safe utilitarian system.

• How does your system compare to Bluetooth® ?

A-Bluetooth® is not a safety technology. It can be replaced with simple cable.

• But I heard that Hand Free is not safer then hand held!

A-We disagree and so do many scientists. Drivers experience behind the wheel can be categorized as Cognitive Exercise and Motor Skill Reaction. Thus we believe that Hand Free devices still maintain advantage over hand held devices because the driver motor skills are still free to deal with emergencies.  NHTSA sponsored Virginia Tech showed that "TRUE" Hand Free devices are safer then Hand Held Devices.

• But scientific measurement show that the driver is distracted while talking!

A-The results are correct, but the experiments and the context are faulty. Using an earpiece to represent Hands Free still causes cognitive workload so the Results appear to be the same. Our system gets around the causes of distraction noted in those experiments by implementing creative HMI solutions that eliminate the known causes for the effect of the conversation. - Independent research by others institutions (NHTSA-Virginia Tech Study) shows that what we proposed as a solution is effective is resolving the concerns showing up in others experiments.

• What’s the Auto industry opinion about your solution?

A-Impressed but no commitment. Some companies began to implement our various IP, but the implementation is still crude and results in restrictive “One Solution Fits All”. All major companies already proved our system and constructed test vehicles using our Intellectual Property, but no production versions yet.

• Why didn’t the automotive industry implement such a system

A-The industry requires long lead time to implement new technology. Also Industry can not risk attaching new technology to costly vehicles without regulatory cover (similar to EU and US mandates on Stability Systems). and "certain" market demand. Regulation will help make the implementation possible.  DOT Secretary LaHood have made the issue a top administration priority and his vigorous campaigning 

• What do legislators say about your solution?

A-The once who know of it are impressed and we are still working on promotion and education.

• What about insurance companies?

A-Impressed, want to see a production device for evaluation. Some insurance companies gives 5% to 40% discount for devices that only track cars, but does not have active distraction prevention.  We believe our device will achieve at least the same acceptance and advantages.

• What do consumers say about your solution?

A-88% believe it is safer than everything else on the road (OnStar® and imitators ,and Sync®) -60% believe the product is cooler then Ford Sync® -87% are willing to purchase the product or order it on a new vehicle -All parents want it for their young drivers safety and their peace of mind.

• My Question is not here, can I ask it anyway?

A-E-mail us your questions about our device, about driver distraction or about driving safely in general and we will respond and post your question and the answer (anonymously) here.  send your question to FAQ at iQ-Telematics DOT Com

What do we do?


iQ-TelematicsTM provides the tools that makes it possible for drivers to enjoy connectivity in safer manner than what is offered by Automotive OEM, Telecom and Telematics service and hardware providers.  The system provides anxiety free interfacewith guaranteed Eyes On The Road and Hands On The Wheel to eliminate driver distraction due to manual texting, cell phone calls, e-mailing and browsing.

Our technologies are Patented and Patent pending in the U.S. and EU. They are the results of more than two decades Real World Observation (Naturalistic Driving). They are formulated to allow connectivity to cell phone voice communication, texting, e-mail and access to the web, (but not web browsing).

The difference between our technology and the "Ad hoc" way drivers access these connectivity means, is that we structure the experience to assure Convenience and a Common Sense approach that will avoid the known causes of in-vehicle or nomadic technologies.

The difference between our technology and the way automotive is that we are not aiming for providing the devices and services, but we aim to make the devices, the services, the drivers, the car to work together seamlessly to provide moderated connectivity and driving under strict safety rules extracted from real world historical facts.

Our Technologies will sense a danger and stop phones before the interrupt the driver. Our Technologies can guarantee that the drivers hands are on the wheel and not doing anything else while talking on the phone or when listening to e-mail. There is nothing like what we offer out there and expert that looked at our prototypes proclaimed it as meet or exceed existing "guide lines" from multiple regulatory and authoritative sources. Certification will be published once completed.

Our Offering is geared toward the most effected groups in the driver distraction problem. Starting with the individual driver up to the largest Commercial and Governmental fleets.

We are working on our mass production design that will be available in early 2013.  Purchase of an aftermarket solution is available by contacting
info at iQ-AutoLife dot com or by visiting

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1  iQ-Wheel™ Daily every day driving, Busy professionals on the go, (Road Warriors)
2  iQ-Teen™  iQ-Family™ Safety conscious parents, Safety conscious connected families
3  iQ-Fleet™ Small business, fleets owners, Towing trucks, Delivery trucks, Taxi Cab
4  iQ-Truck™ Large fleets owners with long haul routes and HAZMAT business and any DOT registered vehicle


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